This blog has now undergone it's 3rd name change. But that's life. I am constantly changing and evolving and occasionally taking you along for the ride. I have recently shifted the focus of this blog from fashion to fitness. Yoga to be specific. My love for beautifully made things has not changed; I just feel I would be doing myself a disservice by keeping a blog aimed at educating and inspiring my readers with all things material when that is not the center of my life and who I am trying to become. I would much rather encourage you in the ways by which I too am encouraged! Like discovering the burst of energy that rushes over me after a good back-bend, or the almost 'high' I get from a fresh green juice. Or the good, heavy hours of sleep I accomplish when I haven't drowned my body in booze and burgers all weekend. 

Am I aiming to live a perfect life? I would say not. Am I aiming to live a full one? That is a definite yes. I find  most people don't think change is necessary in their life because they simply haven't discovered that their lives could be so. much. better. We don't have to live with allergies, anxiety, excess weight, aching joints...and we can outwit, outsmart, outrun terminal illness. Diabetes is not permanent! Heart disease is not a guarantee! That is my mission, my purpose and my passion. Not preaching to you - but taking this journey myself and sharing my successes and failures. I do not condemn, condone, or care how you live your life. I am simply here to share how I want to live mine. 



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