Start Where you Are, Use What You Have, Do What You Can.

Friday, July 12, 2013

This has been an exhausting and exciting week, to say the least! We started with our personal trainer and boy oh boy I am sore! It's such a great feeling! I am proud to say that I have made smart (not perfect) choices in eating all week, including trying some new things from the grocery store. 

Speaking of grocery stores. I live about 20 minutes from the nearest Whole Foods so I only make the trip on occasion. And I actually make the trip an occasion as in; I get really excited and I stay there for far too long. I dare say it's comparable to walking into the JCrew on 5th Ave in Manhattan. Yeah. It's like that. 

On this particular day I went they were just wrapping up their VitaMix demonstration. Now, if you have spent any time at all searching for a quality blender then you have no doubt run across this magical brand of pulverizing machines. If you have not spent any time looking for blenders then I can only strongly urge you to rethink what ever else you have been doing and start appreciating what is really important in life. Good blenders, that's where it's at. But, I digress. They were selling VitaMix - which is not something they normally do at Whole Foods. My eyes lit up the moment I realized what was in front of me and as I spoke to the rep I noticed myself reaching for my wallet. I don't know if I had lost my mind or if I was a little hyped up on the fact that I had just snagged the first ever Nut Milk Bags sold in their location (we're talking before they even hit the shelves folks!) but buying a VitaMix just because it's in front of you or just because you have been dying to get one ever since you first noted their existence, is NOT ok. Not when you are on a tiny salary and also saving for huge life changing decisions (we're not talking weddings, babies or houses here - we're talking BIG). The VitaMix, in all it's glory, is a whopping $500+ investment. An impulse purchase, it is not. I am ashamed that in moments of weakness such as the one just described, it takes me a little too long to understand that I am expecting something irrational and almost unhealthy of myself. Why did I need this machine now, today, this moment when I had lived 26 years without just fine?


I am loving this as my mantra right now!You (me) can make the next right decision in becoming who you want to be or accomplishing what you want to accomplish - you just have to realize that the next right decision isn't always going to look the way you think it does! My blender (I think I actually have 3) leaves a little pulp, sure. Or it doesn't always blend the hummus into a smooth, flawless texture, no. But I can still make the damn hummus and by golly it's going to taste just as bad good when I make it with the VitaMix that I save my tiny pennies for and buy one day because I have taken the steps in order to do so. Do I make any sense? Let me put it this way: You can go to Yoga class BEFORE you feel like you're 'good' at yoga. Which I will go ahead and straighten that out real quick - NO ONE IS GOOD AT YOGA! You are not either good at yoga or bad at yoga. YOU EITHER DO YOGA - OR YOU DON'T! Those are the only two options. Also, you do not have to lose weight BEFORE you start running, or walking, or lifting, or riding or eating healthy. Just try to make the next right decision. That is going to look different for everyone and we should be compassionate and supportive of those around us who are starting where they are, using what they have and doing what they can!!!

I'm so stoked to make my first yoga video for you and I will also spend some time this weekend talking to you about nutrition (yay, everyone's favorite!). Happy Friday everyone - Don't forget to eat some veggies!


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