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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

{{I like this picture, or mainly the pose. It's Virabhadrasana III or Warrior III. Here I like to think it symbolizes me reaching for my goals but staying true to who I am. In this pose your hands and arms are strong in the shoulders and reach forward as if someone or something is pulling your hands, while your back leg is extended, level with your head and reaching the opposite direction as if being pulled two places at once. Finding peace in moments of opposition. It's quite powerful.}}

Well it's Wednesday! We've made it to the (beginning of the) middle of the week. I'd say that's an accomplishment. I've got some pretty neat stuff happening over here in this little journey of mine. Yesterday I started working with a personal trainer! A close friend of mine's little sister came to me looking for some tips on how to eat healthy and exercise right. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity to share my passion. We talked about some key things to look for in food, and then went to the gym and got ourselves a trainer! She is only here until the end of July so we're working with him 2 days a week for 3 weeks. My friend joined us as well! Guys, if you can find a work out partner, studies have shown that you are 30% more likely to reach your goals. How cool is that?! I am so lucky to share this adventure with two of my great friends.

Yesterday we had our first training session. It was more like an assessment though; just to make sure we could actually lift weights, balance ourselves, do a sit up...that sort of thing. We pretty much knocked it out of the park and today...the real training begins! My back and chest are the most sore this morning. I try to lift weights here and there but the truth is, I totally slack off when I'm doing it by myself. Isn't that sad?!? I think it's pretty common but I'm trying to break through that barrier I've created. It's like I don't think I can push myself hard enough. What is that about? Are there any psychologists out there who want to take a crack at that?

My workout plan for the next 3 weeks is as follows:
Cardio: 60min x 5 days a week - Stair climber/elliptical/spin class (no running for me still)
Strength training: 60min x 2 days a week - with personal trainer
Yoga: every. damn. day.

My current weight (yes, can you believe I'm about to tell you this?!) is 132lbs as of this morning.
I am not looking to reduce numbers when regarding my weight however, I am looking to lose inches on my waist and hips..ergo weight will come off. We did not measure our body fat % yet but I will report on that tomorrow when I have it. That will be my main focus; reducing body fat aka building lean muscle (which burns fat people!).

My normal healthy stuff (veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, occasional meat!) but I am taking a break from alcohol until I get to my happy place. Once I have reached my happy place I will celebrate with a drink! Jameson, anyone?
Here are some very simple, generic guidelines I try to follow when choosing my food*:
1. Eat a 'rainbow' assortment of fruits and vegetables
2. Reduce exposure to pesticides
3. Eat to regulate blood sugar levels
4. Do not overconsume meat & other animal foods
5. Eat the right types of fats
6. Keep salt intake low, potassium intake high
7. Drink a sufficient amount of water daily

I will expand on these as the week goes on to give you an idea of what it all means and why it's important to our health. Also, later this week I will post a short video to introduce Sun Salutation which is a simple way to introduce yoga into your daily life without the intimidation of back bends, hand stands and arm balances (although we'll work up to that together:) so stay tuned!!

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*The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods by Michael Murray N.D.


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