Tuesday, July 2, 2013



Happy July, everyone! I know I've been inactive on the blog for quite some time now but I needed to take a step back and re-evaluate a few things. In that time some things have changed and some things have not.

For starters, I'm engaged! Yes that is the newest and most exciting development but I promise not to turn this into a wedding-planning blog. The main change I wanted to inform you all of is the shift in focus of this little blog o' mine. Fashion was once the bulk of it's contents and as the pictures above may have clued you into; we're going to be talking more about health and life and all it's messiness.

I am still in love with JCrew, all shoes, and copious amounts of coffee.

**Now, before I get on my proverbial soap box of health chatter I want to make a few things very clear.**

NUMERO UNO: I do not have all the answers. Nor do I think that everything I say/read is the best and most beneficial choice for everyone. Our bodies are all different, our opinions are all different and I ask that as I share my thoughts with you, you remember I am imperfect and learning as I go along.

NUMERO DOS: I am not certified in...anything! I have a degree is Exercise Science but it is rusty and not everything I learned (*cough* nutrition class is a joke *cough*) is fresh on my mind. I am not a certified yoga instructor (yet). I am not a certified personal trainer (yet). I am not a certified holistic nutritionist (yet).

NUMERO TRES: I read. Like, a lot of books on health, wellness, nutrition, cooking and the likes. I will do my best to always cite my sources when feeding you information and as I finish books (I hate reading front to back, blah) I will try to post some reviews for you. Again, not everything I read do I count as gospel (except of course, for the Good Book itself).

So there you have it, a tiny intro/forewarning of what's to come on Studio 13 blog. We'll talk about the name choice in a later post. I'm excited for all the fun stuff I get to share with you! Thanks for reading, xoxo!


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