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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


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I have a thing for men's clothing. So it should not surprise you that I am dying over this Boyfriend Jean trend! There is a tiny problem however. Ok it's a huge problem. It's my butt. Yes! Yes, my butt is huge and that's the problem. You simply cannot pull off the boyfriend look when your tush is as round and large as mine. Picture Kim K. trying to finagle her famous behind into a pair of slouchy jeans. It would look ridiculous and so would mine. No, my 'problem' isn't as big as KK's but you've got to be picking up on my point here. Boyfriend jeans (in my humble opinion) only look good on certain body types and that is not the type of body I have! So, I will continue to admire the boyfriend-jean-wearer's for the remainder of the trend's existence and keep my fingers crossed that whichever trend decides to take off next will be more compatible with athletic builds!

Happy Wednesday!


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