Well Dressed Wednesdays

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


In honor of my weekend activities {baby showers!} and the fact that my Instagram and Facebook are blowing up with pics of preggo bellies and babies galore - I bring to you the first installment of "Well Dressed Wednesdays" Featuring Expectant Mothers. You've got to respect a well dressed mother-to-be. I mean, you've got to respect her anyway because she's already a bad ass by carrying a child in her womb. But throw a cape over her silk Tshirt dress and you've got yourself a bonified Lady. I do want to caution you - the woman in these beautiful clothes are not in fact, pregnant. {I know, I know - who would have guessed} However, Hatch prides themselves on delivering clothes that you will want to flaunt; Preggo or Not. I, for one, am loving the ease of their dresses! The colors and fabrics are so classic. Not to mention, loose. I love loose clothing and this seems like a perfect way to pull it off. I will call them my "one day, I will carry a baby in my middle section so why can't I buy clothes that leave room for it?" clothes. 


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