To Buy or Not To Buy

Friday, March 8, 2013


{but, which ones?!}
{shop sandals here}
I found these online this morning and wanted to share - immediately. It's Friday and the high is 65...chances of rain - but hope that spring is on its way! Spring only lasts a little while here and summer in Texas is blistering hot, and I absolutely live in sandals. These are super affordable {haven't tried them on yet} and come in just about every color  I could possibly need this coming season. Now, I want to share something scary with you all. 
Are you ready?
It is actually very difficult for me not to justify buying every pair here. I'm not kidding you!! I've always been that way. If I see something simple, timeless and it's a good fit; I buy it in every color. I did it in High School at the Gap with all of my babysitting money. Times have changed but habits have not. Luckily, I have a boyfriend who notices more then I think most boyfriend's notice and he would absolutely put me in time out if he knew that I had bought 6 pairs of the same shoes. And guys; that is the only thing keeping me from buying all six. {I told you it was scary!}. I am so glad you are not judgmental readers and that I can be transparent with you. These are real life problems - not monumental ones - but real, they are! 
All that being said, the big question is: WHAT COLOR SHOULD I BUY? No one ever comments on my blog posts {wah wah} but I seriously need help deciding so please! Tell me what you think!

TGIF - love yall!


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