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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


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1. I decided to try a new foundation, yet again. I don't know why - because I have already found the perfect foundation for my face. It's the same price as these other ones but I have to order it online {boo hoo?}. I have now spent $80 trying to find a comparable product when there is not one. This Laura Mercier is not bad..but it's not for me. It spreads like a paint...never really settling on my skin for the smooth coverage I'm looking for. Oh brother, do I sound like a diva or what?

2. Dark circle will be the death of me. I have this constant hate-hate relationship with my eye area. Yes, I was born with olive skin and for that I will always have to take sh** from all of you about how 'lucky' I am. But olive skin means more pigment under my eyes which means dark circles that never go away! I am trying this Clinique dark circle corrector {as if Clinique can correct what God has so purposefully created}. And of course, like the rest of my generation I expected results immediately. Partially because the woman helping me in the store made me sit in front of a mirror while she put it on and then looked at me with this "eh? what do you think of your new light circles?". But no, Clinique tells me that I should see a 30% lighter circle after 12 weeks of use. Blaaaaah. So now, I can't return it like I had planned. Instead, I am going to use it. And wait. 

3. In the mean time, I use this stuff. Benefit Stay Don't Stray. I told the woman at the store that it gets caught in my creases and pulls down my eye liner to which she said "Oh, this shouldn't do that." And I would say "Well, that is what it does." It was odd and not productive. However, I came to the conclusion that perhaps it's what was under my Stay Don't Stray that was making it..Stray. Which is how she convinced me to buy {2} and purchase more of {3}

4. & 5. I love MAC's liquid liner pot. You apply it with this super skinny brush and it gives you a nice thick {or thin} line and even stays on the tricky inside part of your bottom lid. I do recommend putting your contacts in after you have applied the liner and let it dry. Usually a second coat on the bottom is a good idea too. 


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