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Monday, March 18, 2013


And you have to grab your camera and shoot a few things that are loving the light as much as you are. I try not to post 100% about things I'm getting or wanting. I love to find inspiration everywhere, which is why I post the things that do inspire me. But I don't want you to think it's all about coming home to a new shiny toy in the mail. Sometimes, it's just coming home and seeing the sun shine on a beautiful piece of amethyst brought to you straight from the mines of Bolivia. And it reminds you that you have wonderful people in your life who's families treat you like family. And then you see the vases of left over Valentine's leafs that you pulled from your stunning bouquet of roses your sweetheart gave you and once again you're reminded that you're greatly loved. Days like this, even the dog is soaking in the sunshine and following you around while you photograph little nuggets of sweetness in your house. And she succeeds at making you feel less alone. Then you wander into the  kitchen where the tiniest window illuminates your thriving mint plant and you shine along with it at the fact that you have managed to keep a plant alive. This will thrill you until you review the photos and realize the window in your kitchen is abs.o.lutely disgusting. Then you laugh and remember you are human and you are still loved despite your failing attempts at being a domestic goddess. Happy Monday! Make it great.


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