Girl Crush: SJP

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Sarah Jessica Parker is featured in this edition of The Edit @ Net-A-Porter. I've always crushed on SJP. And not just because of Sex and the City. Honestly, I did not grow up watching HBO and when I got older, I just didn't have that itch to jump on the bandwagon. So, when did I fall in love with Sarah JP? When I saw her in a Gap ad. Seriously, you can see it here. I was in high school {or was it college?}, obsessed with The Gap and immediately started wearing my sweaters off-kilter with a broach. I'm sure I have photo evidence of it somewhere. Anyways, it wasn't until I became a working adult that I finally sat down and watch the entire series one by one. And oh, the joy it brought me. It was such an adventure. And the fashion - well, we all know about the fashion. So it's easy to say that for a while now, I have grown very excited when I see SJP on the cover of any publication and I'm always impressed by her interviews. She's so methodical in the way she lives her life; each move has such purpose and conviction. She is most certainly someone I admire. Also, I wouldn't be mad to have her figure. Just saying. Go check out the article if you have time!

Happy Thursday!


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