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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I spent the weekend in New Mexico visiting family. A place I spent a lot of my childhood and very little of my adulthood. Family can be a weird thing. But a very beautiful thing. I grow to appreciate my family in new and deeper ways every time I see them. For starters, my Nana and Papo who have been married for 53 years. He still calls her his honey and helps fix the back of her hair before church. They love each other and respect each other and it's so encouraging to see that lived out every day. I can only begin to imagine the fullness they feel. There is a problem with going back though - it's the small issue of my adult metabolism as opposed to my lightning fast childhood metabolism. See, when you spend a weekend with your hispanic family you tend to eat. Everything. It never stops. But it is oh-so-good! I got to re-learn how to make Nana's tortillas and she sent us home with a tin can of bizcochitas and peanut clusters. I would have much rather taken HER home with me, but the cookies fit better in my carry on. 

We got to see the dessert plains and feel crisp, cold air. Something we do not get in Texas. It was beautiful. I tried to take in the moments I was truly freezing and lock them away in my memory bank so that when I returned to DFW I could think back and remember that temperatures do drop below 50. 

I was hoping we'd come across something profound and unique for us to put in the house but it was mostly...normal. And normal is slightly boring. So being the responsible purchaser that I am {trying to be} I did not buy anything and try to force its excitement. Now I'm just rambling. Here's some shots from the weekend!
{Feeling little heart flutters watching my sweet man cook breakfast next to my sweet Papo}
{homemade flour tortillas from scratch - a daily occurrence}
{el portal, downtown Santa Fe}
{one of the oldest churches in the US}
{olive oils and vinegars to keep your tastebuds busy for hours!}
{driving around town in my uncle's Smart car! So. Fun.}
{ventured atop the Sandias mountain peeks for a quick photo-op and 14 degree winds to wake us up}
The theme of the weekend was 'el vientre lleno corazón contento' - Full belly, happy heart. And that's what we left with <3


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