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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

As if you aren't surprised; I am stoked for the new JCrew Spring 2013 collection. I received my catalog in the mail last night and woke up this morning with a reminder in my email that their new items had arrived in stores. {which of course matters 0 for me since I can't. shop.} I'm telling you though, after seeing this collection my credit card is calling to me from the depths of my wallet where it's been buried  for the last two months.

Why do I love it? It seems to ever-so-slowly cater more and more to my tomboy style and need for easy, cool, but still chic pieces. Relaxed jeans, a sparkly sweatshirt {sweatshirt is the magic word there} and some metallic flats? I'll take it. And it doesn't get any easier than a lacy skirt with a beautiful spring sweater. How is it so easy and so fabulous?! It blows my mind. I'm dying over the colors {pinks, teals, army green - hello!! - and denim to name a few}. I'm strongly considering a second job to feed this need for understated, overly excited outfits.

Oh my gosh I almost forgot THE most exciting part. Do you see the Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses that are now part of the JCrew collection? I got them almost 3 weeks ago! Before JCrew debuted them as  a collaboration. So...What does this mean? It means my dream of working for JCrew or something of the likes is obviously meant to be...since I am obviously thinking the same way they are! This reminds me of when I was 17 and starting college, I bought this {amazing} brown leather tote from Target and the next month, Cosmopolitan had featured in their magazine! It's the universe telling me what I'm supposed to do - right? This doesn't happen to anyone else right!? {oh brother} Ok, I'm glad we all agree I'm destined to work in the creative industry {now, if someone would tell me where, and how and when I'm supposed to pursue this}{Right now?? I know. That's what I've been thinking too}. Wow that was a lot of sub-sub-text.

Enjoy the Spring Collection at JCrew!! Let me know what you'll be purchasing so I can drool over it too :)


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