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Thursday, February 14, 2013

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I'm sort of obsessing over the vinegary goodness that is the pepperoncini. I am trying to figure out what my life meant, what purpose it served before I discovered my love for these little guys. It's like I'm having a revelation over here. Suddenly there is clarity in my culinary life and the best thing for me to do when a meal has gone awry is to throw a pepperoncini on it! What I can't figure out is why spell-check keeps underlying them in red. That's how you spell it, Webster! Anyways, instead of trying to correct a meal through the addition of this lime-green-lover {too far?} I thought Hey, why not make a meal around them? So that's what all this is about. I thought I'd share some recipes that I have found {not yet tried} and they seem relatively simple. I hope everyone had a great week. If you need me I'll be stuffing my face with these pepps til I can no longer feel my tongue.


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