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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's true. At least it's true on my side of the computer. I am always wanting my teeth to be whiter! I drink coffee and tea, and red wine...which I know keeps the stains fresh and consistent. But I can't stand spending $30+ on the white strips. So I thought I would try a good 'ol fashioned home remedy. Baking soda!
Now, I looked up a few different ways to do it and this proved to be the easiest. 
Step 1. Wet the toothbrush and dip it in the baking soda
Step 2. Add toothpaste*
Step 3. Brush >> Brush >> Brush!
Step 4. You're done!

*Ok, word of advice on Step 2. It is very difficult to squeeze the toothpaste onto the baking soda-covered toothbrush!! It does not stick like it does when it's the toothybrush all by himself. This makes for a messy engagement and I recommend reversing the order. 
{'But Tiffany, why didn't you just reverse the order and THEN make your blog post with the correct steps?'}
Excellent question, Readers! This is because baking soda TASTES HORRIBLE!!!! And I was not about to repeat the process unnecessarily. 

Can you tell my teeth are white? Hint: to make teeth look whiter, publish pictures in black&white.

Happy Brushing!!


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