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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I know it's not spring. And it's not even close to Spring. But how can you deny me spring fever when Louboutin is throwing these beauties in my face?! Does anyone care to take me on vacation so I can appropriately pair these gems with the outfits and weather they deserve?? 
The truth is, some people have no business browsing the Louboutin section and I am one of those lower-middle class people. But I am also a rule breaker so take that and chew on it! I will never stop dreaming of these magical creatures. Maybe one day I will even buy a pair. We wont talk about the fact that I've purchased cars that cost less, we'll just talk about the fact that I can be a good girl and save up my pretty pennies and in 62 years I will wear a pair to my open casket wake. 
But seriously.

While we're talking about finances {were we talking about finances?} I would like to share my plan. Yes, I have one. It's probably doomed to fail, as are most of my plans but I have one none the less. 
My Plan {see how I am capitalizing the P now because the Plan is taking on a life of it's own} is to not purchase any clothes for 6 months. Do I need to repeat that?
I know what you're thinking 'can this be done?'
The answer is no. It cannot. Because I have already made an exception to the Plan when I found these most amazing pants which I have worn 100 times already.
Boyfriend approved the purchase of some more of them because well, I just need them. They fit perfectly and I honestly wear my Zara jeans far too often and these pants give me the opportunity to dress like a grown woman and I'm trying to do that more. 
Glad to get that off my chest. So the Plan is, no clothes {except for said pants}.
The Purpose {see, the Purpose has a life of it's own too}
is to focus on getting my mind and body into a sort of 'alignment' with one another and calibrating them to a positive tune, a tune where I can both sing praises and gratitude to them both! I am so tired of being a woman who can hardly stand to see herself most days. I mean really, that is no way to live and we only live once as some popular rappers say. But they are right. This is the only shot we get and I don't want to spend it wishing I had taken better care of myself. In tomorrow's post I will tell you just how I plan on doing that. It will be a fun and painful journey, but the best ones always are!
So no clothes, just work. Improvement is what we're going for here. This may seem drastic, dramatic, drawn out...but to that I say; "Um, have we met?"

Love you guys, thanks for reading!!


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