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Friday, January 11, 2013

It's here. My birthday! I'm 26 and I'm excited to be in a new year of life. There are so many goals I want to accomplish, not only in this year but in my life. I can get overwhelmed at the thought of it all. But right now, in this moment of being an official year older; it's myself that I want to work on most. While I've been myself an entire 26 years, I feel like I've only begun knowing myself in the years following my college graduation at 21. Five years is considered a long term relationship but to me it still feels new, mysterious and somewhat foreign. I learn so much about myself on a daily basis - I can't believe I still haven't come into my own yet. How much more could there be???? So. Much. More.

I am fairly confident in the person I have become, but that doesn't mean I am ready to stop. I can be so much better, so much more. How do I get there? I suppose it all happens one day at a time. Each day, each situation we are given the opportunity to make the next right decision, to become ourselves just a little bit more. We have in front of us the chance to show more grace, more compassion, more responsibility, more knowledge, wisdom, humor, sympathy.... All of these are things I want to develop as I age further.

Some people {most people} loathe the idea of aging physically. I can truly relate to this as a young{er} woman who finally sees that eye cream and sunscreen are your best friends - but as I see my youth begin to slowly fade, as I decide I like going to bed earlier and earlier, and that my parents and mentors may occasionally know what they're talking about - I start to realize that the things I want have less to do with myself and more to do with those around me. {hello! Yes I realize this means I see when my thoughts are selfish and that's a good place to start!!} The truth is; I love the people in my life, but as I grow into who I want to be I see that the ways I show that love are changing and growing too. But I am grateful for this painful and exhausting process because this life is nothing without the Human Experience. I am so blessed to share this life with all of you. And today, on this day I'm allowed to be selfish {don't worry, I'm taking full advantage!} I want you to know how wonderful I think you all are and thank you for your patience as I stumble my way towards the woman I want to be. It's not an easy road but the load is lightened as I meet new people and develop new friendships or mend old ones. This is what it's all about. Sharing the load, sharing the love.

So cheers to us! Happy My Birthday to you all! Je vous aime!


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