Collar Blind

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's cold in Texas! There was actually snow on the ground this morning but by lunch time it had melted. I kept pretty warm by layering and layering. Speaking of warm can we please address my hair color? I. Don't like to say mean things about people so I am not going to say anything about my hair dresser at all. Except that she is no longer my hair dresser. Tuesday cannot come fast enough - I have an appointment to get this abomination fixed once and for all.

But onto sweeter things, do you like my new Ily Couture bracelets? I love them. They brighten up my day in a heart beat. I also bought a red peacoat which I will wear later this week. Happy Wednesday everyone!

ready for this? so. many. layers.
{tank: Jcrew}||{Stripe collared shirt: American Eagle}||{Chambray: JCrew}||{Blazer: Nordstrom}||{Necklace: Kohl's}||{Coat: No name}||{Pants: Target, from Oct}||{Shoes: Zara}||{Bracelets: Ily Couture}


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