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Monday, December 10, 2012

There is a popular juicing company (that shall remain nameless) that I would absolutely love to take advantage of their services. This company offers you 3 fresh juice cleanses where they deliver each day fresh to your door step for as long as you'd like. This company charges only $75 a day. {barf} congratulations if you can afford that but this girl cannot. However, this company happens to also place the ingredients of each of their juices on their website. It's not a recipe, it's just an ingredients list. And since I am no longer a novice juicer I can pull from all of my old woman juicing knowledge and concoct these bad boys myself. And i am! This week I'm doing a 4.5 day cleanse. Nothing drastic. If you already have a diet comprised mainly for veggies, seeds, fruits and pseudograins there is no reason you can't hop on board. However, if you aren't as picky about what you eat on a normal bases I would suggest making the juices and just adding them into your daily routine for a week. Maybe cut back to meat once a day, dairy once in a week, and of course no sodas. Bad sodas, bad! {But diet coke goooood, so good on the tastebuds!} But bad. 
Below is a list of the juice ingredients. Each day I will drink the first juice twice and each of the other juices once. I'm not crazy, if I feel light headed or cranky and boyfriend man starts to get his feelings hurt I will eat a raw salad. No big deal.

Also, this unnamed website had a quote on one of their pages that might as well have been straight from my mouth. 
Juice away, Juicers!!


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