Plaid Shirt Days

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yes, that's from a Taylor Swift song. I sort of love that song. It's so beautifully written that sometimes it fools me into thinking I've just been through an awful heartbreak. Alas, my heart is in tact {and beating quite strongly for a certain fellow}

Anyway, by now it's no secret that I have this affinity for men's clothing. It has always been that way. My entire teenage years were spent stealing clothes from my younger brother's closet. One time he asked my Mom, "is Tiffy and tomboy?" Yes, little B, yes she is.

However, I feel confident that as years have passed I have managed to hone in on my menswear obsession and really take that baggy shirt and make it something chic. Well, I am not always successful, sometimes I am downright sloppy. But it's just my favorite! Lucky for you, I only post the outfits which I deem to be 'successful' and therefore save you from an afternoon of thinking I am the worst fashion blogger in history. {No need to thank me, you're welcome, you're welcome!}

 So without further-ado, I bid you...The Plaid Shirt Day
{Plaid Shirt: Boyfriend's Closet}||{Fur Vest: boutique find}||{Peacoat: Old Navy; very old}||{Jeans: 7FAM}||{Shoes: Zara}||{Necklace, Rings, Link Bracelet: JewelMINT}||{Other Bracelets: Boutique finds}


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