Saturday, December 1, 2012

A few months ago I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in the month of August. I have to say I did a decent job of marking those things off but the biggest one I didn't take care of was my tattoo!! {funny story behind the attempt to get it though} There are a few that I want, and I have been mulling over them for years. It's not something I wanted to do for the sake of doing and I wanted to make sure I liked it for a long time before I actually had it inked. 

What do you all think of tattoos? I know the views of the general population have shifted drastically in the past few years. Tattoos used to be reserved for gang members, prisoners, the doers of drugs and the like. But slowly it has become a new acceptable form of self expression. Not that everyone's tattoos are methodical or full of depth but that fact alone can be a form of expressing them self am I right?

I took the liberty of uploading some tattoos {c/o pinterest} that I thought were understated and tasteful. I'm mainly researching for placement here. I have an idea of where I want them, but I find it best to mull over that decision too. Have a look-see

What do you think?



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