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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I like days when I have 'grown up' errands to run. You know which ones I mean. Renewing a driver's license, getting your oil changed, picking up the dry cleaning. All those errands that you have to start doing yourself when you go to college...but never really perfect until later in life when you realize there is no other way to get them done! You start becoming responsible. Well, I had to go to the dry cleaners and it just made me feel like such a big girl. I wish I could leave out the fact that my clothes had been there for a week, 2weeks, one month! But that would be misleading and I'd hate for you to think I was more of a woman than I am. Too much pressure comes with being a woman of that caliber.  
No, it is much better if you know the truth. I am still growing up. I still need reminding to change my oil, get my car inspected, pick UP the dry cleaning - not just drop it off, check the mail daily, and try not to kill every plant in your house {ahem, or on the outside of it}. I'm trying though.
I keep the house tidy {most days}, the fridge always has something for you to eat {so long as you like raw veggies and the occasional slice of cheese}, and the laundry gets done, sheets get changed, dogs and boyfriends are fed! I'd say that's a pretty good start. 

I admire grown women. Especially those with kids. I can't even imagine!!! And when I try to imagine, the child appears {painlessly} and is completely self sufficient from birth. So obviously I'm very rational about it all. 

Are you a grown up? Tell me, what's it like??


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