November is for No's - but the good kind!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

If you've been reading my blog for a while, {let me just say thank you!} you have noticed my liking three things in particular. Fashion {le duh!}, Fitness, and Food. These are three things that make my world go round. I studied fitness in college, though I have had many a struggle to keep it part of my daily routine. And over the past year and a half I have really taken an interest in food; particularly it's purpose - FUEL! Food tastes great {unless it doesnt} but I am fascinated at it's ability to change our lives completely. I don't believe it is my place to try and get you to change your diet - I'm still discovering what works best for my body. But if you don't mind, I'm going to take you on this journey that I am calling "No Meat November"! Sounds horrible to most, but the truth is I don't eat all that much meat anyway. It doesn't sit well with my stomach and usually leaves me feeling weighed down and tired. 

On a slight segway here, you should know this journey has a few different purposes. 1}like most, I am ready to get my body in it's best physical shape, both inside and out. 2} I am training for my first marathon and would like all the help I can get.

Enter this:


{purchase by clicking}
I will be researching, learning, and following the best practices of Mr. Brendan Brazier for the last 5 weeks of my training. The plan is not to stop post-marathon; in fact I am planning a kick-ass detox/cleanse for the week after. But I want to transform the way I see/prepare/eat food and I'm pretty excited about it. Goodbye stress, love hate handles, random extra weight I carry around my calves and Hello, beautiful complexion, restful sleep and a clearer head to think! 

If you think this is some wimpy diet plan that calls for crunching on celery and feeling light headed day in and day out - you are mistaken. This plan is about fueling your body to perform at it's maximum ability. Have you ever seen a picture of Hugh Jackman with his shirt off?
Sure you have. Well this man of steel has written the forward to Thrive and guess where he gets his eating habits? Bingo. So back off all you neigh sayers and jump on this bandwagon of bulging muscles and beautiful meals that not only keep you alive but help you Thrive. My journey starts today, but it's never too late!


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