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Thursday, November 8, 2012

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 Keeping it simple is what I do best. It's really the only option when the daily high is going to be 30 degrees warmer than when you leave for work in the morning. Layers, {not shown here} and quick decisions. Especially quick when you wake up late..every. day. I go through phases I can't explain it! 4 weeks I'll be up and at 'em at 5am. Then I enter a lagging phase where no matter how much I try I cannot fall asleep and that means not getting up in the morning! I'm hoping this Thrive method gets me recalibrated and back on track. Only a week in, I feel great -- but still working and improving! Have you looked at the book yet? You can find my thoughts on it here. I'm learning so much. 

Do you like these pictures? We timed them almost perfectly with the sunset. I've been wanting to take some shots on this hill for weeks now. It almost doesn't matter that there's a person in these photos, the sun sort of owns the sky does it not? This is definitely one of my favorite times of evening and it only lasts for minutes. If you don't stop to enjoy it it's gone before you can remember what you were stopping for! Those minutes, moments of fleeting beauty....they're like nothing else. 
Enjoy your Thursday
{I've got a great surprise coming for you tomorrow!!}
hint: think shopping!


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