Glamorous as Glamping Goes

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ladies {and gentlemen} I am here to tell you some great news. It is okay to be a Glamper!! If you haven't heard of this yet, Glamper = Glamorous Camper. When I camp I go from one end of the spectrum to the other. One trip, I'm forgetting clothes and peeing in the woods and the next I'm buying matching outfits and searching for port-a-p's. But let's get one thing clear right here right now. It is OK to camp however you are comfortable. Case in point this striking gentleman here.
Notice his jeans, and his boots? This picture may lead you to believe he is off on a nice walk, searching for a peaceful place to read his book. When alas, he is leading our group to the next rock climbing spot. This gent can tie any knot that's been invented but he spent the night on an air-up mattress. I tried to give my boyfriend a hard time about wanting to bring an air up mattress camping. "What? You can't sleep on a mattress, that's not camping!!" Well shut my mouth. Where do I get off deciding what camping is or isn't? I have an idea, lets all spend some time in the great outdoors and not worry so much about who's bringing what, if that girl has make up on or someone forgot their deodorant ...and focus more on our company and the precious moments we have before every last piece of land is covered in strip malls. That being said, I present to you: Glamping Gear Edition No.1 I will have you know I purchased these items with the sole intention of looking good in the woods this weekend when I return to my beloved Horse Shoe Canyon Ranch. So sew me.


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