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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Tuesday! I hope your weekend was fantastic and that you checked out my post on Bloom {the experience} because it's going to be something very special! 
So, last week it finally started to feel like fall was here to stay; and I even had the opportunity to wear a scarf! You will quickly learn that scarves are my fall staple; as I only own about 5 sweaters total. But this week we are on our way to temps in the 70's and this jacket was only necessary for the chilly morning {have i mentioned that i love chilly mornings?} I'm not excited about this upcoming heatwave or sorts But I am excited that Halloween is this week; my favorite part are the kids...and dogs costumes!! They always crack. me. up. Unless they resemble a spider in any way shape or form...

Back on topic: here's a look at some simple fall staples {no scarf this time; but coming soon!}

{jacket: NY&Co. last year 80% off}||{sweater: lucy activewear last year}||{jeans: 7fam; similar here}||{shoes: Target}


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