Halfway Through It

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It has been a crazy week already, and it's finally wednesday which means I'm halfway through it. 
Monday started with a rather cute outfit consisting of a black slit maxi skirt and a grey t-shirt. A maxi skirt which drug the ground slightly in front of me and occasionally would get caught under my foot while walking and yes, pull down at the waist to expose my under things. Monday was full of a few other ridiculous occurrences, too ridiculous for me to share. Tuesday, I thought I'd conquer my 4mi training run on my lunch break {as well as exchange some bathroom shelves} since I wouldn't have time to run after work {dr. appointment that ran until 7pm - just in time for me to make it to Bikram yoga}. Of course, as soon as my run began and my hair....my 10lbs of hair began it's usual bouncing oh yes friends, the pony tail holder could take no more and she snapped. First of all, I hate things that stretch. Rubber bands give me the CREEPS and don't even get me started on tires getting air pumped in them. Balloons? Forget. It. So you can imagine my dilemma. Here I was on a time crunch with 4 miles to run, shelves to exchange, and a now slightly sweaty head of hair with no way to constrain it. Do you want to know what I did? I'll tell you. I faced my fear of that stretchy monster and I tied that sucker around a ball of my hair and it did the job the best it could. I was fortunate enough to borrow a band from a co-worker upon returning to the office but all this explains to you is why in the world I am not posting a picture with my face in it! The hair was just not a good situation. However, the last picture I grant you the luxury of seeing the ugly mug and the mess a-top it. Brace yourselves.

{Shoes: Banana republic ooooold}||{shirt: Gap}||{blazer: Jcrew}||{jeans: 7FAM}||{purse: Jcrew}||{sunglasses: Ray Ban}||{Earrings: Jcrew}


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