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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 ok - now that I've got that JCrew goodness out of my system.

Has anyone else been freaking out over the Olympics? Or is it just me? These athletes blow my mind. talk. about. motivation.
I mean, I am up and running all over this town getting things done and working my hiney off to get where I want to go. I'm so excited, it's Augst 1st and the middle of the week and I don't know that just seems AWESOME doesn't it?! In light of this ridiculous high I'm on; I made a little list of goals I will conquer this month (besides the feat of NOT melting into a single unit with my car seat/steering wheel/stick shift). What are some of your goals?!

1. finish & launch the debut collection for {berken&co.}
2. remain consistent in my gym-going
3. prep the backyard for fall - {veggie garden: take two}
4. train for the Dallas Marathon
5. use natural cleaning products (home remedies are so cool!)
6. get back on track with my spanish and french - learning 
7. BE CONFIDENT in who I am and what I stand for
8. I almost forgot: get my first tattoo

1. follow the ever so humble beginnings of {berken&co.} by clicking here
2. today marks 12 straight days of gym going and 3 straight weeks!
3. my poor wittle veggie garden was not prepped the way it should have been. So it is dead. But come fall...oh come fall i will have some luscious composted soil to feed those sweet sweet seedlings
4. sign up and run the dallas marathon with me by clicking here
5. I bought some basics for making natural cleaning remedies around the house! Resources found here
6. yo hablo espanol et je parle du francais
7. this is a goal - daily - and I will continue to strive for it
8. wouldn't you like to know! No, but seriously I'll tell you if you ask

Looks like I've got a busy month ahead so I'm off to get started on the goals and things!

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