Goggle It.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Spent the day in Dallas with a friend, walking around and goggling over things we weren't going to buy. Sometimes goggling is better than buying - if you don't know what I mean....Well, you probably do! So we goggled. And I finally learned how to make my eyes smokey. Even set off a few smoke detectors (har har har). Simple style is my favorite. It's easiest and not messiest. Perfect for goggling. 

note: standing on a very slanted driveway does not for great pictures make.

 {Blazer: Nordstrom}
{Tank: JCrew}
{Jorts: Gap jeans with a funny story behind them - cut to shorts}
{Sandals: Target}
{Bag: JCrew}
{Necklace & Bracelets: berken&co.}
{Gold zipper pouch: Coach}
{Dog: Dakota aka Mama. Not for sale}


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