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Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

Much A'do but Nothing

As you saw in my last post {found here} I will be out at the lake this weekend for the boyfriend's family reunion but I wanted to make sure that you didn't miss out on all the fun to be had here around the metroplex. Whether you're in Fort Worth, Dallas, or somewhere in between or around, there is wine to be drank, art to be seen, movies to be watched and food to be chowed! And let's not forget, the weekend will wrap up with a Day for Dad (Father's Day is June 17th!). Check out what we've got goin' on this weekend...


{1.} Start the night right; with a glass 'o wine at Grapevine's Into the Glass. Enjoy the cheese plate or ask the owner for his off-the-menut bruschetta.
{2.}Head to the Fort Worth Modern for the movie of a life time. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy - Romantic comedy based on the true story of Mortimer Granville and the invention of the first vibrator which was developed in the name of medical science. If you're not in Fort Worth watch the trailer here. You'll thank me.

If you're in Dallas...

{3.}Check out the Dallas Arts District Summer Block Partyfrom 6-midnight. Art exhibits and happenings galore.
{4.}But take a minute check out the fireworks starting at 9:30pm in Oak Grove Park. Fire in the sky, that's free fun, folks.


{5.}Get more than your fill of impressionism at the Kimbell Art Museums The Age of Impressionism:Great French Paintings from the Clark. The exhibit ends Sunday!
{6.}Taste the Texas heat while hiking, biking, or lunching at River Legacy Parkin Arlington. Enjoy trails both on and off the pathway, parks, ponds and ...people? (I just went alliteration overboard).
{7.}Go see Madagascar 3 - Don't ask questions; just do it! For the trailer{here} For movie times{here}


{8.}Make today about Dad and take him to brunch at the Smoke Restaurant in Dallas. Delicious, gourmet BBQ that he will never forget. Sneak in some Banana Pudding for yourself, too. Call herefor reservations
{9.}If you're in Fort Worth I would be surprised if you weren't acquainted with Taverna. Well I will tell you, we are well acquainted and I have had a mimosa/Bellini-hybrid a time or two! That's the truth. I don't know if they take call-aheads but click herefor directions.

see y'all monday


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