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Friday, June 29, 2012


I have been wanting to get this started for a while now and I finally pulled the trigger this week. The blog will start featuring cozy homes of classy folks in the area. Most will be homes that have personally inspired me in some way or another. Ms. Phillips; whom I will be featuring today, was kind enough to let my mother and I into her home for a sweet and simple dinner gathering this week. To say I was inspired would be an understatement. Walking into Robin's house is like walking into someone's doodle notebook. Sans the "love notes". It's chic and eclectic feel keeps your eyes wondering and your mind relaxed. It's like...Well, see for yourself.
{family room}
this rocking chair, Robin found on someone's curb with a busted leg. naturally she threw it in the back of her beetle and fixed 'er up with some nails (characteristically sticking out of the once busted leg) and a coat of white wash. Her mother, Cynthia who is a phenomenal seamstress (though she wont own up to it when asked) covered the cushion. On the floor by the fire place is a pair of gorgeous long horns which Robin, an OU alumni, plans to hang horns down over her dining room entry
{dining room}
my eyes were immediately drawn to the three frames straight ahead. Silk screens Robin's old boss was planning to throw out have become artwork littering the lime green walls. A color that is easily overpowering is mellowed and almost muted by her excellent combination of neutrals and pops of red. The wine bottles, dawning portraits of Marilyn Monroe, were gifts to Robin on her 21st birthday.  
{bathroom; living room}
the house is older, but the modern splash added with perching bird decals and clean shower curtain take it from 'old' to 'retro' and the theme continues with frames around frames carrying pictures of Robin's parents on their first date and newspaper clippings praising her talented team of cheerleaders (Robin is the TCU Cheerleading coach)
{dresser in family room}
believe it or not, Robin found this piece as well. Painted blue bonnets on the bottom and made the missing drawers look intentional by setting some wicker baskets in their place

{THE couch}
Robin's mother found this couch at a garage sale for $50 and recovered the bottom cushions. It's no secret that a couch like this can be found at infamous stores like Anthropologie and sold for $3000. Was it a steal? You bet ya. And we can't go without mentioning Robin's adorable dress. Her style easily translates from her home to her outfit - which is of course from The Pink Hanger where she is also a contributing sales associate. For the love of fashion!
My hostess so graciously accommodated me with a meal fit for my detox, salad wedges (mine without bacon). 

I made a litte side dish; figs, feta, raisins and walnuts. Delish.

{nick nacks}

{til next time, Robin}

to my gracious host, Robin Phillips, for having us in your home and sharing your life with us! You are an inspiration to everyone around you. Love that smile, mama! Now, come help me decorate my house!!


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