Detox Day #4 - No Meat?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

what i'm eating today


{oats soaked in almond milk overnight, blueberries, ground flaxseed, whole flaxseed}


{quinoa, spinach, arugala, tomato, thyme leaves, olive oil (drizzled over top), non-dairy parmesan cheese}


{squash & zucchini noodles (aka: squash and zucchini peeled/shaved), sugar snap peas, red onion - ginger dressing}
{snacks} I have fig bars, an apple, banana, and some tomatoes, bell peppers & carrots with organic hummus.

So, why no meat?

It is a common misconception that vegetarians do not get enough protein. However, fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes are full of proteins and much easier for your system to absorb. What vegetarians don't get is an overload of protein like the typical American diet which can lead to liver toxicity, kidney overload and mineral deficiency diseases. Our stomachs are 20 times less acidic than all other carnivores (meat eaters) as well as our intestines being over 10x longer than our body length giving the meat opportunity to stick and stay stuck. Ouch right? Doctors have found undigested meat several months old in human intestines. 

*believe it or not, I am not a vegetarian. I do limit the amount of meat I eat and I typically stick to fish and occasionally wild game that I know exactly how it was killed and treated before it went into my freezer. What I a curious foodie, looking to know the truth about what is best for MY body. I do not judge others for what they eat - so long as we can all sit at the same table :)

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