Tuesday Talk; the Awkward Way

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's time to get real about Tuesdays. They're just weird! It's like..."Phew! Monday is over!" but then you're all "What the flipity-floppity I still have 4 days left in this week!" Ok, so they're not that bad. But they're a litte strange.
Speaking of strange!! Here's a lil' somethin' to make your Tuesday even more awkward....

- My desire to invent a font
- Tuesdays
- My inability to think of anything random as I write this

-My attempt at Random just now
- The amount of Starbucks drink stoppers I have collected in my desk
- One of my bosses handing me a thing mint every time I walk into his office. And he never runs out.
- The extent I love veggie chips
- The super market clerk asking me what high school I go to
- Insisting I don't need a gorcery bag and then spilling my granola all over the floor, literally 3 seconds later


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