Sunday Funday

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The sun was out this weekend, I have a lobster hue on the front of my legs to prove it. I experienced crawfish for the first time since 9th grade...but then I was only dissecting it. This time...brace yourself. I ATE it. Can you believe it? You just pop off the top, crack open his butt and WHAMO! Meat. If you ask me, you shouldn't be able to call it meat. But no one asked me. Probably because I was too busy squirming and squeeling while Boyfriend tried to explain the process. The show and tell almost caused our first public embarrassing moment. Me being the embarrasser..him being the embarrassee. Luckily we missed that one by the skin of our teeth. Anyways! Here it is, the perfect Sunday Funday - complete with a 4 beer induced 45min nap followed directly by - you guessed it - a second craw fish boil. I know. It's almost as crazy as eating the crawfish to start with.

I bought this skirt from Old Navy with a gift card I got in my stocking. It's long (as you can see) and it had the tiniest of slits on the left side. As if the skirt were trying its hardest to be sexy but nooooot quite making it. So I helped it out. I ripped that sucker thigh high and stitched it up. What do you think? Outfits dont get much easier than this one right here.
{navy silk(ish) skirt: Old Navy (did i mention it was $12?); White tank top: Men's Hanes; White fedora: Target; Green flip flops: Target - super old; Bracelets: DIY, Target and Buckle}


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