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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Most things that happen in my day can fit into one of two categories: Random and Ridiculous. Ok, so there are a few other categories I suppose, but they aren't as funny as the Random and Ridiculous things so I will only share the funnies.

-Finding out that I scream the same if an African killer bee is about to attack me or if a piece of my hair is just stuck between my sunglasses and my face. Oh yes, I scream loudly at both. Well I can only assume I'd scream loudly at the former but I know for sure that I let out a wale of considerable volume when part of my bangs get lodged between my sunglasses and tickle my face while I'm walking the dog.
-Sneezing every. Two. Minutes.
-Having a woman at sonic almost jump out of her convertible to beat me up - just for pulling out of my car-hop space! I even backed up slowly, saw her, she stopped so I continued. As I drove by I gave her the "thanks for waiting!"- nod and she started cursing and shouting while throwing her arms in the air! Obviously someone was not as entranced by the spring air that day; I just let her yell and I went on my merry way.
-Thinking that a quick picnic in the park will be lovely on my lunch break and forgetting that wearing heels to a park means offering a complimentary aerating service while you walk to your destination.
-There was an insane spring thunderstorm today complete with hail and tornadoes, so naturally I wore white pants to work (see next post for outfit)
-I play on an over 30 co-ed soccer team. I'm awful.
-I'm currently obsessed with making jewelry and I promise I will put up a DIY soon
-I finally learned how to use the sewing machine and now I can't. stop.
-I ate craw fish for the first time and was scared out of my mind... until I had a few more beers.

Well there you have it, our first post of Random and Ridiculous. Hope you liked!
Happy Wednesday


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