Random & Ridiculous; French Edition

Thursday, April 19, 2012

On Today's edition of Random & Ridiculous; Tiffany day dreams about a trip to Paris that she wont likely be able to afford! Wait, this is Thursday! Get rid of those negative thoughts I'm going to Paris!
- The little field we found at the end of our street, you could swear your 100mi from the city
- I love pens
- My fascination with Lowe's
- My desire to own every 'For Dummies' book.

- The price of ONE vegan cooking class
- I memorize IP addresses the way I memorize bank accounts ssn's and DL #'s... By accident.
- I don't get the concept of public restrooms. I mean I GET it, but I don't. I hate sharing those moments with complete strangers. If I walk in and someone else is present I generally search for an empty restroom elsewhere.
- I had to try on a bridesmaid dress yesterday and almost had a full fledged panic attack. I have no idea how people plan weddings. So. Many. Choices.
- After a couple weeks around the Easter holiday of not following my usual 'all natural' eating style... I have decided to go a bit more extreme for a week to sort of shock my system and reset. HOWEVER, I am feeling an immense amount of guilt for previously requesting diet cokes be at the office (in addition to the 3 kinds of mountain dew everyone else drinks) and therefor I must drink the diet coke until its gone. Luckily they are the small guys, and there are only 4 left. So the extreme lean eating will officially commence next week. Yay.


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