Just When You Think You Should Wake Up Early

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Here we are, halfway through the week! Thank goodness. Today started off right, I only hit snooze once (as opposed the 7+ times I usually do). I still got to work later than I would have liked but I can't help traffic! Upon arriving at work I was greeted by a chipper gent who promptly commented on my appearance. {In a very concerned tone} "Are you getting enough sleep?? You have huge bags under your eyes!" And my excuse for snoozing is solidified. Thank you man at my office who has no way with words! I will now sleep 45min longer.

 {Dress: Target; Cardigan: No Name; Belt: Forever 21; Bracelets: home made by yours truly; Shoes: Simply Vera at Kohl's (old)}

Another awkward office moment today: a man leaving and asking me in depth questions about the bun in my hair on his way out. When he realized I had no idea (and I mean no idea) how to answer him, he just left.


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