It's a Nice Day for White Pants

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not. It stormed. Like, put-your-car-under-a-roof-so-it-doesn't-get-hail-damage-and-hide-in-your-basement stormed. Had I realize the storm were going to be the caliper it was... white pants outfit would have been saved for another day. Lucky for me, I was safe inside and white pants stayed opaque rather than the awkward see-through they get when wet. The only objection I have to this outfit is that the pants tend to get a little baggy as the day goes on. Why does this happen? And why don't people stop making pants that do that! So, my apologies in advance for saggy pants pictures.

{Vest: no name - old; Embellished tank: JCrew (on sale people); Pants: Gap (like $50 reg price!) beaded sandals: Gap (old); Black necklace: Simply Vera for Kohl's; super tan red arms: c/o craw fish boil}

This outfit was comfortable for sure. I was happy when I remembered I have vests! Where did all the vests go? This one is great becasue its long and if I'm not standing in a weird position (unlinke pictures 2 and 3) it actually makes me look pretty slender. I can't complain about that. Optical illusions are the best.


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