Can I get Some Raw Almonds on My Yoga Class?

Friday, April 13, 2012

{ All items from The Pink Hanger }

Happy Friday everyone! Here is a weekly dose of some Random & Ridiculous for you

- I love. I looooove drunk uncle on SNL (hence the title of this post)
- 13 is my lucky number
- The pattern my left shoulder is peeling in. It's like leopard spots
- finally heard Justin Bieber's song 'boyfriend' and yes I love it
- can I be a shoe designer? Please?

- having some nasal spray and a box of tissues placed on my desk, as a donation from my colleagues.
- having 5 people cancel plans with me... 4 days in a row
- wanting so badly to buy a record player and having no idea where the urge is coming from
- my dreams this week. Have been insane.
- crying at every grey's anatomy episode. Ever.
- giving my boyfriend nick names that consist of no less than 4 adjectives
- getting not 1 but 20 ant bites on one foot while camping Easter weekend
- leaving a meeting with a superior and realizing I didn't understand anything he said

Enjoy your weekend!


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