Sweet Potato Hummus from Scratch?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Yes! I made sweet potato hummus from scratch tonight. There were thunderstorms and tornado watches all day so I skipped my Bikram class (what! I'm still not feeling well.) and did some cookin'. I love hummus. I used to love peanut butter (ok I still do) but peanut butter made gave me chub and so I switched to loving hummus. As I may have stated before...or may not have, I am trying to work my way into a whole foods/natural life style. Notice I did not say diet! This is a legit lifestyle change I am attempting to make. So, as much as I love hummus I decided its better to make my own and have the pleasure of know exactly where all of its ingredients came from. Not to mention, it tastes super yum.
I got the recipes from the book Power Foods. If you don't have the book there are some recipes online like here and here.
The book's recipe called for 2 sweet potatoes cut into 1in pieces. I never really know what that means. 1in..how? 1in slices? I just cut them into cubes, which let me tell you, is not so easy when they are still hard. Goodness, my hands are going to be sore from gripping the knife with my ninja grip. 

Once they're cut you put them in a steaming basket with 2in water boiling below. It recommends 10-12 minutes to soften the potatoes but it took mine about 15.

The additional ingredients are olive oil (yes I realize this picture shows sunflower oil, but I messed up! I used olive oil in the recipe though.), garlic, ground cumin, tahini, lemon juice and of course garbonzo beans aka chic peas.

The books says to add all of the ingredients with the chic peas in a food processor and then add the sweet potatoes. Well, my food processor doesn't hold that much food, which I conveniently found out after I had placed all of it into the darn thing. This resulted in my scooping out bits and pieces, blending again, scooping, blending, there was some smashing - ok lots of smashing! Long story short I had sweet potato cubes left over and a very chunky sweet potato hummus. But let me tell you....

It tasted like heaven. Sweet potato heaven.


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