A River Runs Through It

Monday, March 5, 2012

I have to apologize, today (yes my first ever real outfit post) is a fraud. I can explain. I woke up at 5 to run this morning and while I was waiting for my boiled eggs to cool down I fell back asleep! Ok that's a lie too, after breakfast I got back in bed! Overslept and ran out the door in a hideous get-up. So here is a flash-back to my weekend getaway. I will try and do better tomorrow. Thanks for understanding!

I was so excited to get on the road. Friday was a gorgeous day, in the high 70's! So naturally I found a dress that would accommodate such beautiful conditions. However, I failed to consider the rapidly dropping temperature and by 6:00 I was freezing. My poetic vision of standing on the side of the road with my weekend bag whilst casually posing in front of never-ending green fields and broken down barns turned out to be me handing my camera to boyfriend at a broken down gas station and begging him to take my photo. He was kind enough to oblige without exiting the vehicle. The result? The above shots, carefully edited to crop out the 80% car, 10% outfit. It's ok, we'll get there. 
Dress: Francesca's (old)
Sweater: Nordstrom
Belt: Target aka my 2nd home
Shoes: TOMS
Bag: Army Navy Surplus store; it's a German bread bag

Here's a few shots from my weekend away, couldn't have asked for more sunshine and perfect chilly nights next to a fire 

PS. Biggest bonfire I've ever seen. This puppy was serious.

Sweater: No name, gift
Shorts: Gap (old)
Shirt: JCrew
Boots: Hunter
Socks: Target
Boyfriend: one of a kind :)


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