I love when inspiration hits me 7 hours after the fact

Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Friday! It's Friday! Even the weather is happy it's Friday.
This week has flown by. Finally, today I woke up in time to wear my hair down. Ok, I still woke up late, I just let my hair air dry on the way to work. Confession; I did not think of this outfit while getting dressed, I thought of it driving home at the end of my day. Sometimes my brain doesn't work as quickly as I'd like it to in the mornings! Also....Can you tell I dabled in Photoshop? What do you think?

{Ivory tank top: Target (xmas gift from my old room :); Army green cargo slacks: Anthropologie (xmas gift from my aun); Pink Belt: Forever 21; Black suede high back sandals: Zara; Jewelry: Asos cuff, Neon 'Humanity' bracelet: The Buckle; Jeweled blue bracelet: Target; Braided neon bracelets: homemade}

Do you like the colored filters on the photo or do you think they look cloudy? I can't decide.

Side note: I've been spending my afternoon's braiding these friendship bracelets! I've definitely had to dig deep into my old summer camp crafting files and have messed them up dramatically on more than one occasion. But The more I practice, the better they turn out. You can get embroidery thread for 39c yall. DO IT. It's practically free jewelry!


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