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Monday, March 12, 2012

I decided today would be the day I finally wein myself off caffeine. Why I chose to do it on a Monday? I have no idea. Well today there will be no outfit post (I'm realizing this is more difficult than I thought it would be. I'm not much of a morning person, so unless I prepare fully the night before and actually wake up when I'm supposed to, I generally throw on something weird and run out the door. Hence why coffee was always ideal first thing in the AM!) I decided I'd show you what I WOULD be wearing, if I were in fact, on top of my game (and ahead on my budget).
I'm currently obsessed with this skirt. Can I afford it? Not at the moment.Would it fit me the way I want it to? (Graciously accenting my bum and stopping at the exact point on my thighs I need it to if I want to hide the wobbly bits that ly beneath.) No, it woudln't. (They never do!) However, I will continue dreaming. Here's a little look-see into my imagination concerning this ever-so-unattainable skirt:

For a date night!

For a Garden Party!

Do people actually have garden parties? My backyard is currently in a state of shambles but the moment it's tidy again, I will throw a garden party. Yes! I will do it. Besides, that gives me a reason to buy this skirt...donatins are currently being accepted.


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