The Beginnings of It

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Last year while I was occupied at a dead-end job making next to nothing I looked in the mirror and was completely embarrassed by what I saw. After quickly realizing that no one ever came into my office (including my boss) I had stopped getting ready in the mornings - and when I say stopped I mean I. Stopped. I would wake up 2 minutes before it was time to leave and whatever chaos my hair wanted to do well I just let it happen. Then I woke up and decided to be an adult. OK, maybe I just decided if I wasn't an adult to at least dress like one. Now mind you, I made next to nothing and hadn't been great about building a wardrobe (my previous job had been for a women's athletic wear company, ergo my wardrobe consisted of black yoga pants and hoodies - hey they were cute hoodies.) so I decided to make a game out of it. The game was called "try and look fabulous without spending money and also keeping in mind that you will sweat your hiney off as soon as you get into your car to go somewhere". Sounds fun right?


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